Studio Hertzberg | Against grey


Against Grey was founded in Berlin in the summer 2015 by two Italian friends Federica & Martina who wanted to shake the sameness of street fashion in a more sustainable direction.

We constantly striving to create a quality & fair product.

We made your clothes: all items are designed and made in Berlin, 100% handmade from the sample to the final garment. We work with high values of sustainability. Zero-waste, no fabric ends up in the trash!

Our awesome timeless collection featuring colourful hoodies, reversible kimono jackets and retro-future kapuzen.Each piece is unique, both in the choice of fabrics and in the size. None is like the others!

Against Grey is the alternative to greyness of dressing following the crowd!

Against Grey firmly believes that you deserve to be seen and represent in a way that feels true, powerful and YOU!

Your taste is always worth celebrating and never something to be ashamed of.

Follow your taste, Find your style!
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