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Whats your name, age and where are you coming from?

My name is Alicja Kowalska. I ́m 63 years old. I come from the south part of Poland – the region is called Silesia.

Why did you decided to take part in this project?

I really like to paint flowers, especially „my own“ unrealistic ones. Since a long time I used my flower ideas to create decorative paintings and drawings. This project gave me the opportunity to take advantage of my patterns in a more useable way – on a fabric and then on clothes. In this way they can walk on the streets and live their own lives.

Where does your passion for drawing flowers come from?

I like fine arts, strong colours and vivid bright things – flowers are like this . They also have very complex form, their transitoriness influences strongly my imagination. Flowers are just beautiful!

What does flowers mean to you?

I work as an landscape architect. I design gardens in which flowers have a very important place. They bringcolours, smell, variety of forms – they bring happiness. With flowers you can create your own little paradise.

Which moment you remember, when flowers gave you a happy moment?

After I graduated University of Arts I got a one meter big basket full of flowers from my friends. We were walking through the town with them. The weather was wonderful and sunny. Till now photos from this day are a great memory of my youth.

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