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Cupro - a sustainable material?

Sustainable summer dresses made from cupro are environmentally friendly, a real alternative to silk, easy to care for and durable. They are the perfect choice for all occasions. Learn more!

We all know how important it is to make conscious choices when it comes to what we wear. Purchasing sustainable fashion can not only have a big impact on our environment, but also on the people who work in the very interconnected supply chain. A particularly interesting, controversial but promising alternative in this area is Cupro.

But what exactly is cupro and why should we choose summer dresses made from this material?

Cupro fabric, also known as Bemberg, is a synthetic fabric that has been on the market since 1933 and is made from 100% pure cellulose fiber. In contrast to conventional cotton, which requires laborious picking, cleaning and spinning, Cupro is obtained from the residue of cotton production. This makes the production of cupro much more environmentally friendly and resource-efficient than traditional cotton production. According to a 2020 study, cupro production has up to 50% lower CO2 pollution compared to conventional cotton.

But cupro has many other advantages. It feels soft and smooth on the skin, is breathable and temperature-regulating, making it a perfect material for summer dresses. Cupro is also durable and wrinkle-resistant, so it lasts a long time and requires little maintenance. Compared to silk, which is often viewed as a luxurious alternative, cupro is also significantly more environmentally friendly. Silk production is energy intensive and requires high amounts of water and pesticides. Cupro, on the other hand, is obtained from renewable resources and has a lower CO2 impact. It is biodegradable. It's even possible to make cupro from recyclable materials.

It's true that cupro has had a bad reputation in the past because it contains copper in the manufacturing process. The copper and the solvents used have a negative impact on the environment and can have a negative impact on the health of the people involved in manufacturing.

Recently, however, many manufacturers have begun to develop more environmentally friendly methods of producing cupro that minimize or even eliminate the use of copper. These methods can reduce environmental impact while maintaining the same quality and performance of the fabric.

Overall, Cupro has made strides in recent years to improve its reputation as a sustainable material. By developing more environmentally friendly manufacturing methods, e.g. Closed-loop systems make it a promising choice for anyone who values ​​environmental awareness and wearing comfort.

However, it is important to note that not all cupro fabrics are created equal. To ensure they are getting a more sustainable product, consumers should make sure when purchasing that manufacturers use environmentally friendly methods and that they are transparent about their manufacturing processes and materials. The cupro material from Bemberg is highly recommended.

Sustainable summer dresses made from cupro can not only be environmentally friendly, but also comfortable and durable. They are the perfect choice for all occasions, whether for everyday wear, work or a special event. They give every outfit that certain extra something.

But that's not all Cupro has to offer! The fabric is also breathable and hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for people who live in warm climates or spend time in stuffy environments. Cupro has a breathability of up to 90%, making it one of the most breathable fabrics available. Cupro also irritates the skin less than other synthetic materials because it does not contain any chemical additives. This makes it a perfect choice for anyone suffering from sensitive skin.


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