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Which color of dress suits me?

Through different colors and cuts we can highlight our best features. You can find out how to dress so that you feel comfortable here.

Each of us is different, each one special in his own way. With our clothes we can highlight our best and most beautiful features through different cuts or colors and dress in a way that makes us feel comfortable and special.

Color types describe differences in hair, eye and skin color. Based on this, there are certain color groups from the color wheel that suit the respective type particularly well. A distinction is made here not only between the different colors, but also between cool and warm tones as well as intense or rather pale colors.

The spring type :

Spring brings the first flowers and leaves of the year. Colors like the rosé of cherry blossoms or the light green of fresh leaves as well as the blue of the sky mixed with the creamy white of a few clouds form the color palette of this season.

Spring type hair is:

Red, golden blonde or ash blonde. Shades of brown with a gold or red shimmer - generally light hair colors with a gold or red shimmer.

Spring types have light eye colors:

For example: yellow-green, amber, gray-green or golden brown.

The skin types are like spring:

Light and warm to golden brown, ivory, peach, the skin often develops beautiful freckles in summer.

The spring type is:

light, pastel and warm tones. Light blue, green, yellow or lilac. In addition, prints with floral patterns or leaves look very nice in the spring type.

Examples from our shop:

The summer type:

In summer, gardens and parks shine in all the colors the palette has to offer. Red like raspberries and cherries, rich blue like the sea and a light yellow from a brimstone butterfly make the summer type shine like the sun.

Summer type hair is:

Platinum blonde or silver blonde, ash blonde or blonde-brown. Pale or soft red or ash gray. Generally pale hair, no intense colors.

The eyes of the summer type are:

Blue or blue-gray, green or green-gray.

Summer type skin is:

A pale rosé, a slight bluish undertone that doesn't tan as much in summer.

The summer type suits:

especially muted, pastel and cool colors, such as green tones, delicate blues or violets, as well as white and gray. Prints with dots or fine patterns also work very well.

Examples from our shop:

    The autumn type:

    A relaxed walk through the fresh leaves. Leaves crackling under your shoes. The intense colors of summer fade and give way to earthy tones such as red or the orange of fresh leaves, the green of fir trees and the brown of fresh wood crackling in the warm oven.

    The hair of the autumn type is:

    Dark blonde, ash brown, honey brown or medium red to copper. Generally darker hair that has a gold or red shimmer.

    The eyes of the autumn type are:

    Dark brown to almost black, olive green to grey-green or petrol blue

    Autumn type skin is more like:

    Beige with warm, golden-yellow undertones, bronze and warm olive green.

    The color palette of the autumn type

    Full earth tones such as rust red, coral red, dark orange, dark green or brown tones count here. Ethnic prints also look great on the fall type.

    Examples from our shop:

      The winter type:

      Snow shining brilliantly on landscapes, frozen lakes and the beginning of a new year. The white is broken up by strong and intense colors such as the red of a poinsettia, the clear blue of a cloudless winter sky or the clear green of a fir tree.

      The winter type hair is:

      Dark brown-black to black-grey or silver.

      The eye color of the winter type is primarily:

      Intense brown and intense blue.

      Summer type skin is :

      Ivory, porcelain pink, beige with cold undertones and olive.

      The winter type suits:

      Here it is important to wear strong, clear and cold colors, such as intense red, royal blue, ice blue or emerald green. Graphic prints with clean lines or geometric patterns also look wonderful.

      Examples from our shop:

      Author: Thekla Weißkopf



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