production – Studio Hertzberg


Our headquarters are in Berlin and this is where we construct our patterns, sew the first prototypes and produce small mini-series.
We design, model and test our models, fabrics and processing techniques. If we are happy with everything, small series go out to our Berlin tailors or larger orders go to Portugal or Poland.

We also ship everything from our Berlin studio directly to you!


In Poland - Stargard - we work with a small family that generates income for five employees. Stargard is a great location for us as it can be reached from Berlin in just 2 hours. This means we have short journeys and a fast and flexible way of working. The small family produces below the normal minimum quantities for us and therefore helps us a lot to be able to offer a good selection of clothing and colors right from the start.


In the beautiful north of Portugal we found reliable and very professional partners who were willing to work with us on smaller production quantities. We are very happy about this great collaboration that we started at the Modtissiomo trade fair in Porto 2019. The company is Lenzing approved and, like us, is always looking for the most sustainable materials and the best processing techniques. The north of Portugal is totally dedicated to the clothing industry. Many people, especially women, find work as seamstresses in numerous companies and can therefore make a living.