Esther Samuels Davis – Studio Hertzberg
What flower do you most identify with?

I really love forget-me-nots. They are a flower you could easily walk past because they are so small and grow low to the ground. But when you get up close to them you notice all this precious detail. My drawings are also very small and detailed. In the past some have encouraged me to make bigger work, but when I look at forget-me-nots and appreciate their tiny beauty it reminds me that smallness holds power if you have the curiosity to get up close and look.

What inspires you?

Folklore, fun books, old paintings and going for walks in the woods.

What is your most important tool?

My mechanical pencils.

What were your earliest influences?

My earliest influences were my immediate family who encouraged arts, crafts and music. Outside of my family I was obsessed with a book called Faeries, that catalogs different types of nature spirits. I loved it for its darkness, realism and humor, and for the feeling that every form of life that surrounds us is sentient and meaningful.

Why do you do what you do?

I do what I do because creating feels satisfying, and getting to visit a world I've dreamt up is like having a secret hideaway place in the middle of reality.

Where do you go when you just want to be with yourself/want to be at peace with yourself?

I go for a walk in the park.


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